Buying vs. Renting Wedding Tuxedos: The Pros and Cons

Buying vs. Renting Wedding Tuxedos: The Pros and Cons

Being in a wedding can be expensive for all party members. Nowadays, many couples try to find ways to make being a part of the wedding party cheaper for them and their closest friends. When it comes to the groom and his groomsmen, this means evaluating the pros and cons of buying versus renting wedding tuxedos. Delve into the details to best decide whether you’ll have yourself and your groomsmen purchase suits or rent them for the big day.

Buying Tuxedos

Some people avoid buying a tux because they don’t know if they’ll wear it again. While this is true for younger men who are still growing, this isn’t necessarily the case for adults. Many men often need a suit for specific work events or other black-tie functions, making buying one convenient.

Likewise, buying a suit means you will always have something to make nice outfits with. Even if you don’t need to dress to the nines for an event, you could attend formal functions by wearing just the jacket or pants from your purchased suit.

Below, we’ve noted more pros and cons of buying tuxes to help you decide whether this option is ideal for you and your groomsmen.

The Pros

Buying is very close in price to renting, but when you purchase the outfit, it’s yours to keep. Spending several hundred dollars on a tux you’ll never see again makes renting your tux seem far less than preferable.

Also, buying a suit is ideal if you have specific measurements that standard sizing cannot accommodate. Some suit rental companies will not tailor the apparel they have. This often depends on the size and available services of the rental company. Conversely, you can always find a purchased suit tailor to match your precise measurements.

The Cons

Depending on where you buy your suit, it can be more expensive than a rental. This varies based on the brand and prices set at the tux shop you buy from. Some young men also avoid purchasing a wedding tux if they’re ring bearers or junior groomsmen because they’re still growing and likely won’t get to wear the suit again.

Shop for Quality

Grooms Club sells wedding tuxedos for groomsmen and grooms that are comfortable, quality, and stylish. When you buy from us, you can set up a virtual appointment to help decide which tux you should buy as well as the necessary size. Work with a personal stylist who will help you find the perfect tux for your wedding!

Renting Tuxedos

A lot of the time, groomsmen rent their tuxes under the impression that this is the cheaper option. This thought is generally incorrect and isn’t the only disadvantage to renting your tuxedo. Typically, rental fees include measurement, pressing, and cleaning charges, which is one of the main reasons rentals still cost several hundred dollars.

The Pros

Renting a tux can be the ideal option if you pick out suits that are trendy rather than classic. Fashion styles are constantly changing with the seasons. If you pick the perfect tuxes for your winter wedding, they may not be stylish the following year. By renting your tuxes, there’s no commitment to the apparel nor regret if you never wear it again.

The Cons

One of the most significant cons of renting is that it’s more of a one-size-fits-all situation. Some rental companies may make minor adjustments to their suits, but the fit usually isn’t as perfect as it would be if you purchased your tux.

Additionally, rental companies will charge extra if you damage your suit or spill something on it while partying the night away. Rental companies also have late fees if you don’t return your tuxedo by the designated date, usually in the days just after the wedding.

Another issue with renting is that companies only have a limited stock of each style and size. Finding a rental company that meets these needs can be difficult if you get married during peak wedding season.

Which Is Best: Consider Your Lifestyle

If you know you won’t wear the tux again because you don’t attend formal events or care for that type of attire, then renting may be your best choice. On the other hand, buying is your best option if you enjoy getting dressed up, wearing a suit for work, or regularly attending formal events.

Most experts also recommend purchasing your tux if you have specific measurements that standard sizing cannot accommodate. On the wedding day, what’s most important is that everyone looks uniform and well dressed—a tux that seems to be baggy in certain areas is not a good look.

Tips for Buying Tuxedos

Knowing the pros and cons of buying versus renting wedding tuxedos helps you determine which best works for you and your budget. Sometimes, purchasing the suit costs more, but it pays off because you can wear it as often as you want. Additionally, when you own the tux, you don’t have to worry about getting stains on it during the reception or returning it after the wedding.

Read Company Reviews

Not all suit companies are the same, and when it comes to wedding suits, you want to make the process as easy as possible. As you look through your buying options, read company reviews to better understand suit quality and customer service. A great suit looks stylish and contains quality material such as cotton.

As you read through customer reviews, pay extra attention to how people describe the company’s customer service. Do they measure accurately during a fitting? Does the company know the current wedding trends? The best suit company will assist you so you can rest comfortably knowing you’ll look dapper for the wedding.

Set a Budget

As with any aspect of a wedding, you should decide how much you want to spend on your suit, plus an appropriate price for your groomsmen. Search for a company that sells quality suits at fair prices to ensure they meet your needs.

Buy From Grooms Club

Grooms Club’s suits start at $199 and are durable and comfortable. We use four-way stretch performance fabric, so your suit has more flexibility. Purchase a tux that’ll move with you! Contact us today to schedule your virtual appointment as you shop for the best wedding tuxedos.

Buying vs. Renting Wedding Tuxedos: The Pros and Cons