What’s the Best Type of Undershirt To Wear With a Tuxedo?

7 months ago
What’s the Best Type of Undershirt To Wear With a Tuxedo?

Men often find it challenging to select the appropriate attire for formal occasions, particularly when choosing the ideal undershirt to pair with a tuxedo. Whether you are a groom, groomsman, or just attending a black-tie event, your choice of undershirt can make or break your outfit. Learn about the best type of undershirt to wear with a tuxedo so you always look sharp and stylish.

Important Undershirt Features To Consider

Undershirts are an essential part of any man’s wardrobe, providing protection between your body and your outerwear. However, for formal occasions, the rules for undershirts may differ from what you’re used to. 

The Color

Your undershirt’s color should be lighter than your dress shirt, so wear white if you have a light-colored button-up shirt. This helps the shirt to blend in.

The Fit

Your undershirt should also be on the fitted side so it’s not obvious that you have it on underneath your dress shirt. Avoid baggy or loose-fitting undershirts, as they can create unflattering lines and bunch up, leading to a messy appearance. 

The Style

As you shop, ensure you invest in a proper men’s undershirt; avoid a standard T-shirt. Most men wear a crew-neck or deep-V shirt under their button-up shirt. The material of the button-up shirt is a bit transparent, so wearing underclothes keeps it looking formal. 

Moreover, longer shirts are ideal, as you’ll tuck the undershirt into your pants. This ensures the undershirt stays in place and doesn’t come untucked throughout the night. 

The Best Option

The best type of undershirt to wear with a tuxedo is one that aligns with these guidelines. However, most men’s fashion experts recommend a crew neck since it circles around the neck like your dress shirt does. With a V-neck, you may see a slight outline of the cut through your button-up shirt. 

Additionally, verify that the undershirt you wear feels comfortable on your skin—this is a detail only you can determine.

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