Pairing Colors

Tips & Tricks   | 1 month ago
Pairing Colors

The right color combination makes a big difference. But how do you know which ones make a good pair? We'll walk you through the basics to help you find the right matches to really make your look pop!

Color Temperature

Separating colors into cool and warm temperature groups can help you identify what tone you are going for. Take into consideration the season your wedding is going to be held, and you can narrow down your options to match that temperature. 

Some of our popular colors for each season include...

Winter: Navy, Burgundy, Gold, Royal Blue, Bone, Silver, Lavender

Spring: Pink, Light Gold, Cobalt, Turquoise, Green, Rose

Summer: Red, Cobalt, Teal, Pink, Cobalt, Black

Fall: Light Gold, Blush, Medium Red, Rust, Powder Blue, Sage, Grey

Color Pairing

Familiar with a color wheel? This is an easy way to pair colors that compliment each other. Find a color that you're leaning towards, and then combine it with others that share the same hue nearby it. See the chart below for some guidance.