When Should You Order Suits for Your Wedding Party?

When Should You Order Suits for Your Wedding Party?

Preparing for your wedding is an all-encompassing task, and the groom and his groomsmen need to ensure their attire is ready to go. As the groom, you may go to a suit shop with your team to try on options but get your tuxedos online. The big question is, “When should you order suits for your wedding party?” In this guide, we’ll get into the details of when to buy, plus some bonus tips on keeping your groomsmen prepared. 

Ideal Time To Order

Ordering your suit on time is vital. However, in the early days of engagement, you may not even have a venue picked out yet, let alone your team of groomsmen. The problem is, if you wait until the final hour to order suits, you may not have it in time. Additionally, you or some of your groomsmen may need your tux tailored, which can take a few days or longer. 

Most wedding experts advise buying your suit around four to six months before the wedding. This gives you enough time to pick out what the groomsmen will wear based on the current trends and colors for the season. Likewise, this gives your groomsmen time to find a tailor to alter their suits if needed. 

Keep Your Groomsmen Prepared

While you and your groomsmen should order the suits four to six months before the wedding date, some may forget this responsibility. If you order tuxedos online, create a group text to keep everyone updated and to send reminders. You can also set up the outfit, message everyone a link, and send follow-up texts as the wedding day approaches. 

Set Up the Outfit

Some websites have a tuxedo customizer so that you can decide on every aspect of the tux. Doing this is ideal as it provides you with a link to send the groomsmen, so they just need to select their size. This certifies that everyone looks uniform, and no one accidentally orders the wrong suit color or style. 

Send Follow-Ups 

Life gets busy, and while your wedding is important to the groomsmen, it isn’t as much a priority to them as it is to you. Some of your friends may get caught up with other responsibilities and forget to order suits. To make sure everyone has theirs in time, send a text at least four months before the wedding to verify that everyone has theirs or placed the order.

Order From Grooms Club

Understanding when you should order suits for your wedding party is essential, and so is knowing where to buy your attire. Grooms Club has various styles of tuxedos for sale. You can also customize your wedding look and share it withal your groomsmen—they just need to select their sizes! Purchase a wedding tuxedo that’s comfortable and stylish.