Wearing a Vest the Right Way: What Every Groom Should Know

9 months ago
Wearing a Vest the Right Way: What Every Groom Should Know

A vest is an important component of the modern suit and adds formality to the attire. However, many people don’t wear tuxedos regularly, and your wedding could be your first time wearing one! If that is the case, don’t worry. We’ll ensure you look amazing. Check out what every groom needs to know about wearing a vest correctly.

Don’t Button the Jacket

Unlike a traditional tux, you don’t have to button the jacket of your suit. Some only have a center button, which allows more of the vest to show. So, your vest should be the same or a complementary color to the jacket. For example, if you wear a black suit jacket and pants, the vest could be black, light gray, or charcoal.

Shopping Tip

As you browse suit and vest options, buy a vest with quality buttons. Poorly sewn buttons could become loose and could fall off.

Wear the Right Color

The next tip every groom needs to know about wearing a vest the right way is that color matters. The vest can be the same color as your suit or a complimenting hue. Some grooms wear a vest the same color as the suit but a different shade. So, your vest may be navy rather than dark blue, or vice versa.

When choosing a vest, avoid flashy colors that clash with your suit or tux—no burgundy, purple, or coral vests. Those splashes of color should come from the tie, bowtie, or pocket square.

Know Your Size

Your tuxedo vest should be fitted—neither loose nor too tight—as this garment hugs the torso. Also, ensure your vest isn’t too long; you’re not supposed to tuck it into your trousers like a button-down. Ideally, the vest should sit about an inch below your beltline.

Keep It Wrinkle-Free

Just like your jacket and pants, the vest should remain wrinkled-free. Creases in formal apparel never look good, and you should appear your best at your wedding. Depending on where you buy your suit, the retailer may iron or steam all three pieces. If your vest has wrinkles, take it to the dry cleaner to ensure perfection for your big day.

Shop for Quality

Quality is one of the most important aspects of wedding suit shopping. A reputable retailer sells vests made with durable materials, such as cotton or cotton blends. Most importantly, the best companies have experts to measure you and ensure you purchase a vest and suit that fit perfectly.

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