Tips for Matching the Groom’s Tux to the Bride’s Dress

9 months ago
Tips for Matching the Groom’s Tux to the Bride’s Dress

The bride and groom are the center of attention during a wedding, so both want to look their best. Since you two are a pair, your wedding apparel should coordinate to create a cohesive appearance as you stand at the altar. However, selecting the perfect apparel can get tricky, especially if you don't keep up with fashion trends. We've designed this guide of tips for matching the groom's tux to the bride's dress to help you pick out the best wedding apparel!

Consider the Level of Formality

As you begin shopping for the perfect suit, consider the formality of your wedding. You may need to talk with your bride-to-be about the dress code to ensure your outfit is up to par. If you have a formal black-tie wedding, a three-piece suit is a must-have; however, if your celebration is a laid-back event, you could ditch the vest and just wear a suit jacket over your button-up shirt. 

Take the Wedding Venue Into Account

Another tip for matching the groom’s tux to the bride’s dress is to evaluate the venue. Every location is different, and some call for specific styles. Once you and your partner select a venue, discuss the clothing styles you feel would be most appropriate to wear.

For example, if you get married in a barn, opt for something more casual like a navy blue suit jacket with a button-up shirt and khaki pants. This outfit would pair perfectly with a white or ivory bridal gown.

Evaluate Her Accessory Colors

Color coordination is essential to creating a cohesive look for the bride and groom. Consider the colors of the accessories the bride will wear on her big day, such as jewelry, shoes, and hair adornments.

As you talk about accessory colors, also discuss the shade of her bridal gown. If she chooses an alternative shade to white, you’ll need to select a tux that complements the dress’s hue. For example, black and light gray suits look wonderful beside a blush gown.

Think About Personal Style

Lastly, the groom's style is essential when selecting the perfect tuxedo. Discuss your preferences for suit colors, fit, and material type with your bride so you can look and feel confident. Remember that while we often consider a wedding the "bride's day," you're just as important and should feel comfortable. 

Once you decide on your suit, select corresponding tuxes for your groomsmen. Depending on your and your partner's wedding vision, you may need to coordinate the groomsmen and bridesmaids’ apparel.

Buy the Best Suit

Knowing how to pair outfits makes you and your bride look picture-perfect. When you shop at a professional suit shop like Grooms Club, you have countless tux options to browse through. At our online shop, you can customize your own tuxedo to create the perfect groom's attire to match your blushing bride. Begin planning your wedding outfit early on so you look fashionable on the special day.