The Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Tuxedo Etiquette

10 months ago
The Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Tuxedo Etiquette

Every groom wants to look perfect on his wedding day, which means buying the right suit. And as you prepare for the big day, you should know a few fashion etiquette rules. Your tux should appear formal, but you don’t need to dress exactly the same as your groomsmen. Delve into the dos and don’ts of wedding tuxedo etiquette. 

Do: Buy the Right Fit

Your suit should appear well-fitted no matter what type of black-tie event you attend, but it’s even more important at your wedding. If you currently own dress pants or suit jackets that fit, note the size so you know what to look for when shopping. However, if you do not own much formal attire, get professionally measured at a suit shop to know your size.

Once you say “yes” to the suit, verify whether you need to get any components tailored. Most suit shops will assist with this as you try on apparel; they’ll make alterations and set a date for you to pick up the tux.

Why It Matters

An ill-fitting suit looks sloppy, especially if the sleeves or pants are the wrong length. You don’t want the bottom of your dress pants dragging as you walk down the aisle. Ensuring your suit fits helps you look your best for your bride, who is likely to spend the morning getting her hair and makeup done.

Don’t: Overspend on a Suit

Generally, the groom and his groomsmen all wear suits, and the groomsmen match one another. As you select the tux your close friends will wear, keep an eye on the price tag; expecting friends to pay excessive money for wedding apparel is a bit rude.

Also, standing up at a wedding is expensive, and requiring friends to rent their suits for several hundred dollars is a big ask. Plus, when you rent your tux, you only get to wear it once before returning it. By having groomsmen purchase their suits, they’ll get more wear out of them, which makes the tuxes worth the money.

Buy Quality Suits

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Do: Maintain a Formal Look

When you wear a suit to a wedding, you should always wear a vest underneath. Adding a vest under your suit jacket is best for formal events because it helps tie the outfit together. You should only ditch the vest at casual events—weddings don’t fall into this category.

Moreover, as the groom, you should stick with a white button-up shirt and black tie for a formal look. The color of your suit depends on your preferences and which colors look best on you. If you don’t know which shade to wear, try on multiple options and select the one you and your groomsmen agree looks best.

Wearing the right shoes is another aspect of creating a formal look. You should always wear dress shoes—such as loafers, cap-toes, plain-toes, or lace-ups—with your suit. Also, strive to wear brown or black shoes for a put-together look.

Finally, you should always add a pocket square to your attire for black-tie events like weddings. Additionally, the color of the groomsmen’s pocket squares should match the bridesmaid’s dresses. Generally, the groom has a black or white pocket square to compliment the bride’s gown.

Don’t: Match Your Groomsmen

While you and your groomsmen may all wear the same color suit, you should always stand out as the groom. Some people do this by selecting a different jacket color or unique accessories, such as wearing a tie instead of a bow tie. All your groomsmen should know that you need to be the best-dressed man of the night.

Alternatively, you could wear the same suit and type of accessory but make your accent piece a different color. Your groomsmen may wear gray bow ties while yours is maroon. How you stand out depends on what you—and your bride—feel would look best.

Pro Tip

If you wear a different suit than your groomsmen, ensure your color or print complements what you dress them in. For instance, a black tux would look wonderful with groomsmen in blue or navy.

Do: Button Your Jacket

Grooms wearing traditional tuxes should always button their jackets for the ceremony, as this is a crucial part of the look. Leaving the coat unbuttoned looks sloppy and won’t create the clean V look over your button-up shirt.

On the other hand, if you wear a three-piece suit, you don’t need to button your jacket since you’ll wear a vest over your button-up shirt. When wearing vests, the groom and groomsmen should always have a jacket that’s a matching or complementary color. You’re free to remove your jacket at the reception as you let loose and dance with your bride.

Never: Outdress Your Bride

Now we come to one of the biggest rules in the dos and don’ts of wedding tuxedo etiquette: never outdress your bride. Your suit shouldn’t appear flashier than her gown. While she likely won’t show you her dress before the big day, she can give you an idea of how it will look. Talk with your partner about the level of formality you should shoot for.

It’s not uncommon for the groom to have his bride help him pick out his suit to ensure he looks perfect. And letting the bride see your tux before the wedding isn't bad luck!

Always: Stay True to You

You should always wear apparel that makes you feel your best at your wedding. Don’t wear a suit simply because it’s trendy if you don’t like the way it looks on you. Consider which of the popular suit colors—gray, charcoal, blue, navy, or black—looks best on you. Likewise, you can wear a suit that appears more traditional if it aligns with your style preferences.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Tuxedo Etiquette