Should Groomsmen Wear Suits or Tuxedos in 2024?

1 month ago
Should Groomsmen Wear Suits or Tuxedos in 2024?

As wedding trends evolve and personal tastes become more diverse, one common question among grooms and their wedding parties is whether groomsmen should wear suits or tuxedos. Both choices have their merits and can contribute differently to the overall feel and style of your wedding. We’re here to guide you through decision-making, offering insights into the key differences between suits and tuxedos and helping you decide which is best for your groomsmen in 2024.

Understanding the Difference

Firstly, it's essential to understand the fundamental differences between suits and tuxedos. The tuxedo is traditionally more formal, with satin details such as lapels, buttons, and a stripe down the trouser leg. Suits are less formal and do not feature satin; they are typically made from the same fabric throughout the jacket and pants.

Consider the Formality of Your Wedding

The choice between a tuxedo and a suit often hinges on the formality of your wedding. Tuxedos are best suited for evening or black-tie events, offering a level of sophistication and tradition that elevates a formal wedding. On the other hand, suits are incredibly versatile and appropriate for various settings, including daytime and less formal weddings.

Venue and Theme Compatibility

Your venue and wedding theme can also guide your decision—a grand ballroom or luxurious estate pairs beautifully with the classic elegance of tuxedos. Alternatively, if your wedding venue is an outdoor garden, vineyard, or beach, suits complement these settings' natural, laid-back vibe.

Seasonal Considerations

The time of year can also influence your choice. Tuxedos, often made from heavier materials, are ideal for cooler months. In comparison, suits can be made from lighter materials like cotton or linen, making them perfect for spring and summer weddings. The comfort of your groomsmen is paramount, and the weather should undoubtedly be considered when outfitting them.

Matching the Groom’s Attire

Typically, groomsmen should complement, not overshadow, the groom. If the groom opts for a tuxedo, having the groomsmen also in tuxedos creates a cohesive and formal appearance. If the groom chooses a suit, then suits for the groomsmen can maintain the balance of formality and ensure no one looks out of place.

Color and Style Coordination

Whether you choose suits or tuxedos, consider how the groomsmen’s attire will coordinate with the wedding's overall color scheme and style. Tuxedos generally offer less color variety, mainly sticking to black, navy, and gray, while suits are available in a broader range of colors and styles. This makes suits a more flexible option for integrating wedding colors and themes.

Personal Preferences and Reusability

Consider the personal preferences of your groomsmen and the potential for reusability of the attire. Suits are generally more versatile and likely to be worn again in other contexts, which your wedding party might appreciate. Tuxedos, while striking, may only be as practical for future use if your groomsmen regularly attend formal events.

Budget Considerations

Budget is always a consideration when planning wedding attire. Generally, renting tuxedos can be more expensive than suits, especially if you opt for high-end designers. Suits can be a more budget-friendly option, especially if purchased from suppliers that offer group discounts, which could be a deciding factor if outfitting a large group of groomsmen.

Creating a Cohesive Look

Achieving a cohesive look is about more than just matching outfits. It involves considering the small details that can tie the groomsmen’s attire into the wedding aesthetic. Whether it’s the choice of ties, vests, boutonnieres, or even pocket squares, these elements should harmonize with both the groom’s attire and each other, whether you opt for tuxedos or suits.


Whether groomsmen should wear tuxedos or suits in 2024 involves balancing formality, venue, theme, personal preference, and budget. At Groom’s Club, we recommend considering all these factors to ensure your choice enhances the wedding experience for everyone involved. Both suits and tuxedos can make a stylish statement, so choose what best fits your vision for the day. Remember, the goal is for you and your groomsmen to look and feel great, making your wedding day memorable.