Planning a Backyard Wedding? 6 Important Things To Remember

10 months ago
Planning a Backyard Wedding? 6 Important Things To Remember

The location where you tie the knot directly impacts the tone of your wedding. We all have preferences on what’s ideal, and a backyard wedding is perfect for an intimate event. However, backyard weddings require different steps for planning than if you were to rent a venue. Delve into the six important things to remember as you plan your backyard wedding. 

Formality Still Matters

Many of us may consider backyard nuptials more casual than those in a hall, vineyard, place of worship, or other location. Treat your wedding as you would if it were in a traditional location if you decide to hold your wedding in your backyard. You should set a dress code and decorate your venue.  

Formality also relates to your décor and furniture. A backyard wedding doesn’t mean putting out folding chairs on the morning of your big day. Most couples planning this type of wedding rent furniture to maintain an elegant look.

Evaluate the Space

The size of the venue is another important thing to remember when planning a backyard wedding. Guests shouldn’t feel cramped and uncomfortable, which would raise safety concerns. Your guests should have enough room to easily move around one another and the furniture.

Decide on Your Apparel

Like any other wedding, the clothing you wear depends on your preferences. The groom can still wear his best three-piece suit, the bride can debut a gorgeous gown, and guests can come in formal attire if that’s what the couple wants.

Grooms Club allows you to customize your tux to create the perfect outfit for your day. You can create a look without a vest if you want a formal yet relaxed look; keep the vest to maintain a dapper look!

Pick the Right Venue

Your property isn’t the only option when you have a backyard wedding. Politely ask if you could use your friend or family member’s yard as your venue if they have a beautiful yard with breathtaking views. 

Likewise, you could search for an Airbnb in your dream location with a picturesque view to tie the knot. Get permission from the property owner before hiring vendors and decorating for your backyard wedding when going this route. 

Hire a Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding is rarely easy, and there’s more to juggle when it’s a backyard event. Since you don’t have a venue package, you’ll need to hire vendors for food, drinks, and furniture rentals. You’ll also need to hire typical wedding vendors such as a photographer, videographer, officiant, and florist. 

A wedding planner will help you decide who to hire for these crucial roles and communicate with each vendor. Essentially, a planner helps manage your wedding and reduces the stress you’d feel doing it alone. 

Have Fun

No matter where you get married, the most important thing is that you bring your vision to life so you can enjoy every moment of your big day. So, pick out the perfect yard, vendors, and apparel as you plan your wedding. Happy wedding planning!