Mistakes To Avoid When Wearing a Vest With Your Tuxedo

8 months ago
Mistakes To Avoid When Wearing a Vest With Your Tuxedo

A vest is a key component of the modern suit and helps create a formal, sophisticated look on your special occasion. All grooms and groomsmen must wear this garment properly to look dapper for the wedding. As you begin shopping for your wedding apparel, take note of the most common mistakes to avoid when wearing a vest with your tuxedo. 

Tucking It Into Your Pants

One of the significant fashion sins is tucking the vest into your dress pants. When you wear a three-piece suit, the vest should end at or just below the waistline of your pants. While you should tuck your dress shirt into your pants, your vest should remain free. Additionally, tucking the vest into your pants can make your torso appear shorter due to the optical illusion of a higher waist. 

Buying the Wrong Size

Purchasing the wrong size tuxedo vest or suit leaves you in baggy or too-tight clothing. Remember—a fitted tux isn't the same as a small one. When buying a vest, only shop for options that are your size. If you don't know what size vest you wear, ask an employee of the suit shop to measure you so you can shop for vests accurate to your body measurements.

Pro Tip

When an expert measures you, you'll also know what size pants, dress shirt, and jacket you will need. This ensures you look your best on the big day.

Leaving It Unbuttoned

Another common mistake to avoid when wearing a vest is leaving the vest partially or completely unbuttoned. Some men make this mistake because they know having a suit jacket unbuttoned is acceptable. However, a vest is a separate piece of apparel, and failing to button it all the way makes you look disheveled. 

Renting Your Apparel

Renting is a great option for tuxedos and vests, but it could be a mistake under certain circumstances. Often, we assume that renting a tux is cheaper than buying one new. However, renting is nearly the same price as buying a suit, and you get to re-wear it anytime if you purchase it. Additionally, when you buy your tux, you can get all the necessary customizations so the garment looks made for you. 

Shop at Grooms Club

Wearing a vest with your tuxedo adds a layer of elegance and sophistication to your overall look. You can create your perfect look at Grooms Club or shop one of our prearranged styles! Invest in a top-quality suit so you and your groomsmen look incredible on the big day.