Maintaining & Preserving Your Tuxedo: 5 Things To Remember

9 months ago
Maintaining & Preserving Your Tuxedo: 5 Things To Remember

Owning a tuxedo can be a major investment, especially for your wedding.  Many gentlemen prefer to buy their suits since they’ll get more wear out of the garment and pay around the same price as a rental. When purchasing this formal attire, taking great care of it is key to ensuring the tux lasts for as long as possible. Whether you own a tuxedo for work or personal wear, you must ensure it stays clean and looks incredible. In this guide, we’ll dive into what you need to remember about maintaining and preserving your tux. 

3 Things To Know About Cleaning Clean Your Tux

When cleaning your tuxedo, you need to follow the instructions listed on the garment tag. Most tuxedos come with cleaning directions, such as whether it’s safe to wash in your machine on delicate or should be dry cleaned only.

Understanding the Fabric Needs

Ignoring the care instructions increases the risk of damage to your suit since some materials are more delicate than others. Generally, fabrics such as cotton or cotton blends are safe to wash in the laundry machine on cold. Other materials like wool should go to a dry cleaner since they are more delicateIf you’re unsure about the cleaning process, taking it to a professional cleaner will be your best bet.

Clean It Regularly

Cleaning your tuxedo regularly is essential to maintain its longevity. You don’t need to clean the jacket or vest every time you wear it, but it’s best to clean it at least once a month if you wear your tuxedo frequently. You should clean other components, such as the dress shirt, after each wear as they’re more likely to absorb stains and odors than the jacket. 

Generally, it’s best to dry clean your tuxedo after all-day special events like weddings. Fragrances such as colognes, body odors, and food smells can penetrate the fabric.

Find a Reputable Dry Cleaner

Your wedding suit is an important, costly piece of apparel. Read online reviews of local dry cleaners to ensure they are reputable. Quality companies treat your tux carefully and keep it looking as good as new. 

Review their services, such as clothing repair and tailoring, as you search for a dry cleaner. If you accidentally stain or snag the suit when you wear it, you can get it repaired and cleaned at the same business. 

Care for Each Part

Your tux includes several key components: a dress shirt, vest, suit jacket, dress pants, and dress shoes. Review the care instructions for each element to keep them clean and in good shape. Properly storing each garment also prevents the risk of your formal clothing getting wrinkled or otherwise ruined. 

Consider buying a tie rack to store the neckties and bowties. Many individuals also keep their shoes on a shelf or on shoe racks dedicated to footwear. Keeping the closet organized makes it easier for you to properly store each part of your suit. 

While most apparel has a tag listing the ideal care instructions, shoes typically do not. The way you maintain your shoes depends on the material. Most dress shoes are leather, so you should use a leather cleaner, followed by a conditioner. This is especially important if your shoes are made with full or top-grain leather. 

Pro Tip

When cleaning your shoes, use an old T-shirt or cotton cloth to rub the wax into the shoes; move in small circles to cover the complete surface of the shoe. Ensure you buff off all the wax when cleaning your dress shoes, so they shine.

2 Tips for Properly Storing Your Tuxedo

Another thing to know about maintaining and preserving your tux is that appropriate storage methods are key to sustaining the shape and quality of your tuxedo. The suit should remain hanging in the closet when you don’t need to wear it to prevent it from wrinkling.

If you wear a suit only for special occasions once or twice a year, keep it in the back of the closet to lessen the risk of damage. Many tux experts also recommend storing your suit in a garment bag to protect the material against dust, moisture, and dirt.

Keep It Away From Heat

Heat is one of the worst enemies of a tuxedo. Keeping your tuxedo in a dry and cool place, like a closet or wardrobe, is essential. Avoid storing it in areas that are too hot, such as the attic or garage. Also avoid storing it in your basement since moisture gathers there, increasing the risk of mildew and musty odors.

Washing Tip

If you wash your suit yourself, avoid using hot water or putting it in the dryer. The high heat levels can cause the material to shrink, especially if it’s cotton. 

Respect the Garment

Your tuxedo is a prized possession that deserves your utmost care and attention. Regular cleaning and proper storage will pay dividends in the long run. After wearing your tux, look over the garment for any potential snags, tears, or stains so you can get it repaired right away. Tending to your suit and treating the attire with respect makes it easier to remain mindful of proper maintenance techniques to keep it looking amazing. 

Invest in a Quality Suit

As you shop for a suit on your wedding day, always put quality above all else. Tuxes made with durable materials are more likely to last for years of wear whether you attend black-tie events regularly or only occasionally. 

Additionally, superior-quality suits are simply more comfortable to wear. A well-made tux permits you to enjoy every aspect of your special day—dancing, eating, posing for photos, and having fun with your spouse, friends, and family—all while looking put-together and elegant.

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Maintaining & Preserving Your Tuxedo: 5 Things To Remember