How To Coordinate Tuxedos for a Stylish Wedding Party

10 months ago
How To Coordinate Tuxedos for a Stylish Wedding Party

As you prepare for your big day, there are numerous details to consider, especially regarding the attire you’ll select for your wedding party. Traditionally, all the bridesmaids wear the same dress, and the groomsmen wear matching suits. But how do you ensure both sides of the wedding party complement one another? In this guide, we’ll get into how to coordinate tuxedos for a stylish wedding party so everyone standing at the altar looks perfect.

Three Ways to Coordinate Your Wedding Party

Both halves—the bridesmaids and groomsmen—should also wear complementing colors. This keeps everyone looking uniform when they stand with you at the altar and for photos. You can do this by coordinating the following:

  • Shirts
  • Ties
  • Pocket squares

Select a part of the outfit to make the same or a similar color to the bridesmaids’ dresses. By doing this, selecting the right color tux to complement the bridal party is also easy.

The Shirts

An easy way to make your wedding color-coordinated is by matching the groomsmen’s button-up shirts to the bridesmaids’ dresses. So, if the bridesmaids wear a burgundy dress for a winter wedding, put the groomsmen in burgundy shirts. A dark blue, charcoal, light gray, or black suit would go wonderfully with this color scheme.

The Ties

Sometimes, a shirt adds too much color, especially if the bride puts her bridesmaids in vibrant shades. Another option is to color-code the necktie or bow tie your groomsmen wear. With this splash of color, the bridesmaids’ dresses still stand out, and everyone will look stylish.

The Pocket Square

If you just want a pop of color on the groomsmen, then a pocket square is your best option. Pocket squares should always match the color of the tie or bowties, but they don’t have to be the same color as the button-up shirt. This adds an extra layer of elegance and color to the groom’s half of the wedding party.

Pro Tip

The only exception to pocket squares matching the tie is if one of the two is black or another monochromatic color. These shades coordinate with nearly any color.

Buy Matching Suits

Generally, the groomsmen all wear the same suit, or at least the same color, including the best man. This differs from the bridal party, where the maid of honor may wear a different colored dress. However, the groom’s suit doesn’t have to match his groomsmen’s, specifically if he wants to stand out.

As with any tradition, every aspect of proper attire is optional. Sit with your partner to ensure you’re on the same page about what apparel you’ll select for both halves of your wedding party.

When Mismatching

Nowadays, some couples don’t care if everyone in the wedding party looks the same as long as they coordinate. If you choose to mismatch suits, ties, or shirts, strive to select colors that flow together. This could mean asking all the men to wear shades of blue or pastels. When mismatching accessories, the groomsmen generally all wear the same-colored suit.

Some couples allow the bridal party to select what they wear to give the individual more freedom. While doing this is fine, ask to see the outfits several months before the wedding to ensure everyone coordinates. One piece of the outfit, such as the suit color, should tie everything together.

Pro Tip

One easy way to add a bit of mismatched fun without feeling too risky is with socks! Having your groomsmen wear fun socks allows a break from tradition while keeping everyone looking perfect for photos. Options like polka dots, wide stripes, or bright colors give off a fun look. Plus, they’ll peak through the space between the end of the pant and the shoe.

Buy From Groom’s Club

At Groom’s Club, you can browse prearranged suit options or customize your own. Review how certain styles and colors look together as you decide what your groomsmen will wear.

Pick a Basic Suit Color

Another tip on coordinating tuxedos for a stylish wedding party is to avoid trendy options. While some suits may appear flashy in color, it’s best to avoid these if you want the wedding party to appear color coordinated. Some hues are hard to match, and others clash. For instance, powder blue suits would clash with pale orange bridesmaid dresses because the colors oppose one another.

Sticking to the basic colors such as light gray, charcoal, blue, navy, and black also provides more opportunities to wear the suit again. These colors are timeless and look great at any formal occasion or venue.

Tips for Picking Your Wedding Suits

We’ve spent some time discussing what to look for in coordinating suits, and with a few suit-buying basics, you’ll be ready to purchase your wedding tuxes. This means deciding between modern or traditional suits and buying or renting wedding suits. And most importantly, you’ll need to find a reputable shop to get your tuxes from.

Decide Between Modern vs. Traditional

The traditional tuxedo is the most formal piece of attire a gentleman can wear. A traditional tux is typically all black and worn over a white button-down. They also have a deep V at the front of the jacket. Alternatively, the modern suit is three pieces: a vest, jacket, and dress pants. Most modern suits are also single or double-breasted; the double-breasted suit is more formal, and a three-piece suit is ideal for weddings.

Pro Tip

Sometimes, the groom wears a traditional tux while his groomsmen wear the modern alternative. This way, the man of the hour stands out, and his half of the wedding party looks coordinated.

Determine Whether To Buy or Rent

You’ll also need to decide whether to buy or rent your suits. While many consider renting the cheaper option, this isn’t always true. Most rentals cost several hundred dollars, and companies like Groom’s Club charge the same price for you to own a suit. Moreover, when you own the suit, you can make all the customizations for a perfect fit.

Buy From a Reputable Shop

Buying from a respectable business ensures you get quality suits that fit. When you try tuxes on, an employee should help measure you to best determine your size. Before visiting a store, read the company’s reviews to ensure you purchase your suit from a reliable shop.

Grooms Club

Grooms Club sells various suit options that’ll look perfect on your big day. With our build-a-tux option, you can experiment with how different suits, button-ups, and accessories look together. Pick colors that coordinate your entire wedding party!

How To Coordinate Tuxedos for a Stylish Wedding Party