Exploring Wedding Tuxedo Styles: Traditional vs. Modern

Exploring Wedding Tuxedo Styles: Traditional vs. Modern

As the wedding day approaches, the groom must decide what to wear for the big day. More importantly, he must decide whether he and his groomsmen wear tuxedos or suits. This brings traditional versus modern wedding fashion into question. In this guide, we’ll explore wedding tuxedo styles and compare traditional and modern options. 

Traditional Tuxedos

The traditional tuxedo is a staple for black-tie events and other formal functions. Typically, classic tuxedos have an all-black jacket and pants and a pure-white button-down; plus, most men accent a bowtie or tie. Moreover, traditional tuxedos have a deep V-cut along the front of the jacket, allowing the button-down to show through.

Another key aspect of the traditional tux is the material—most have satin lined inside the jacket, on the collar, and on buttons. This apparel option is the most formal but not your only option for a groom’s wedding attire, as there are also modern tuxedos.

Modern Tuxedos

Nowadays, many grooms wear suits rather than tuxes because of their formal yet relaxed look. Unlike the traditional tuxedo, modern suit options often include regular buttons with no satin piping along the pants.

Modern tuxedos also come in a wider range of styles than the traditional ones, including single-breasted, double-breasted, and three-piece. The single-breasted suit is ideal for semi-formal functions, while a three-piece suit is optimal for special occasions like weddings.

Pro Tip

A three-piece suit includes a vest, and when men wear this piece of apparel, they don’t always button the jacket. Leaving it unbuttoned further captures the modern look of this suit.

Choosing the Style for Your Wedding

Exploring modern versus traditional wedding tuxedos helps you determine which one you prefer wearing. At its core, this decision comes down to your and your partner’s preferences. Both styles are acceptable at weddings, so consider the level of formality you want for your big day. If it’s a black-tie event for everyone, guests included, the traditional tux is best. However, the modern tux is perfect if your big day has a semi-formal dress code.

The Groom vs. the Groomsmen

Another option is to wear a tux as the groom and have your groomsmen wear suits. After all, your bride will be in her most formal gown. Alternatively, you could wear a three-piece suit while your groomsmen wear double-breasted suits if you want to dress differently.

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