Common Tux Fit Problems and Their Causes Explained

9 months ago
Common Tux Fit Problems and Their Causes Explained

Finding the perfect tux to wear for your wedding is important since every groom wants to look his best for the ceremony. But when you buy a tux, it may not fit you perfectly. If a suit is too big or small, it’ll appear ill-fitting on your big day. Common fitting problems include baggy pants, tight jackets, improper sleeve length, and suit proportions misaligning. Keep reading this blog to learn about these common tux fit problems and their causes. 

Problem 1: Baggy Pants

Your tuxedo pants should fit closely around your hips and legs; however, the classic tux has a straight leg, which appears less strutted than fitted apparel. Baggy pants often bunch up along the leg and may even be too long for your height. 

Often, dress pants appear baggy when they’re too big for you. Always check your size before shopping so that you only try on pants that fit your body. If they appear baggy, it’s a sign they’re too big. 

Pro Tip

Wearing pants that are too big can make you appear disheveled and unpolished. It’s always best to purchase the larger size to get it tailored if you’re between sizes.

Problem 2: Tight Jacket

Your jacket should be comfortable enough for you to move in and not appear constricting. Fitted clothing may be in style, but wearing a jacket that looks too small can be uncomfortable and detract from your look.

Your jacket may appear too tight if you buy a size that’s too small for you. If you own a suit that fits, check the size before you shop. On the other hand, if you don’t know your size, have an employee at the shop measure you. 

Problem 3: Improper Sleeve Length

The sleeves of your jacket should end just where your wrist and hand connect. If they’re too long, it can make your outfit appear sloppy and too big for you. Likewise, when sleeves are too short, you’ll expose your shirt cuffs, which also appear unflattering. Make sure you’re trying on the correct size jackets, or take the coat to a tailor to have the sleeves shortened or lengthened.

Problem 4: Proportions Don’t Align

Your jacket, vest, and pants should all be the same fit, such as classic or slim. Wearing a slim-fit jacket with classic-fit pants can appear unbalanced and unflattering since it’s two opposing styles.

The best way to avoid this issue is to buy a tuxedo set where all the pieces are the same type of fit.

Buy Your Suit

Knowing the common tux fit problems and having their causes explained helps you dress your best on the big day. After all, you should always feel confident in your suit. At Grooms Club, you can buy a stylish and comfortable suit. We use four-way stretch fabric, so our clothing appears fitted and moves with you. Ensure you look your best on your wedding day!