A Groom’s Wedding Checklist: Preparing for Your Big Day

10 months ago
A Groom’s Wedding Checklist: Preparing for Your Big Day

A wedding is one of the most important days of someone’s life, and a lot of prep work ensures every detail appears perfect. You and your partner must pick out a beautiful spot to say, “I do,” buy wedding apparel, get groomsmen gifts, and schedule essential appointments. Doing all these tasks can be tricky, but wedding planning should be fun. Below, we’ve detailed the top things to add to your groom’s wedding checklist to help you prepare for your big day!

Join In on Wedding Planning

Many individuals consider the wedding the bride’s day, but this isn’t necessarily the case since it celebrates the love between both of you. The bride and the groom have an equal say in the details and should work as a team to plan the wedding.

For example, if you don’t have a venue picked out yet, you could compile a list of places to consider based on your budget and wedding vision. From here, both of you can further research each area and then schedule tours of your top picks.

Get Your Suit Early

Finding the right tux is crucial for every groom, and this is your time to stand out. You can start browsing suits at any point during your engagement to get an idea of the colors, materials, and style you like most. Now’s also the time to think about what your groomsmen will wear.

But hold off on purchasing a suit until four to six months before the big day to make sure you buy the right fit. Also, ordering in this time frame allows for ample time before the wedding to get it tailored.

Buy Groomsmen Gifts

Purchasing gifts for your half of the wedding party is the next task on our groom’s wedding checklist to help you prepare for the big day! This task is traditional for the bride and groom, as it lets you show appreciation for those standing by you at the altar. Standing up at a wedding isn’t cheap, but many do it to support their engaged loved one.

The money you spend on groomsmen’s gifts depends on your wedding budget. Often, grooms pick a gift related to specific group interests or gift keepsakes such as monogrammed flasks.

Schedule Necessary Appointments

Finally, schedule all necessary appointments before the wedding. You should go to the barber a week before or the week of your wedding. Likewise, you may want to visit the dentist the month before your big day for specific dental or teeth whitening treatments. If you need your suit altered, go to a tailor at least two months before the big day.

Scheduling all these appointments early on ensures you get in with the professional without feeling crunched for time.

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