4 Quick Tips for Accessorizing Your Wedding Tuxedo

10 months ago
4 Quick Tips for Accessorizing Your Wedding Tuxedo

The perfect groom’s attire goes beyond the suit since accessories tie the ensemble together. Wearing accessories also allows us to express our individuality and sense of style. You could wear your favorite color on a bow tie and make yourself appear extra gentlemanly with cufflinks on the sleeves of your dress shirt. Check out our quick tips for accessorizing your wedding tuxedo to look perfect as you stand at the altar.

Choose the Right Shoes

All the options you have for dress shoes may surprise you if you don’t wear a lot of formal attire. Decide whether you want to wear brown or black leather shoes; also evaluate both shiny and matte options. There isn’t just one option for what you need to wear, as accessories come down to preferences, so wear the shoes you feel look best with your tux.

Some common dress shoe styles include:

  • Cap toe
  • Loafers
  • Plain toe
  • Tuxedo lace-up
  • Wing tip
  • Slip-on

As you begin suit shopping, browse the dress shoe aisle so you can try them on with your suit for the clearest idea of what looks best.

Select the Best Tie Type and Color

Another quick tip for accessorizing your wedding tuxedo is to wear a neck or bowtie. Most wedding experts recommend wearing a bow tie if your affair is formal; neckties are best for casual weddings. The level of formality depends on your venue, plus what you and your partner agree to.

Usually, grooms wear a black, white, or ivory tie, while groomsmen wear the same color or accent shade. Your groomsmen may also wear a tie color that matches the bridesmaids’ dress if it’s what you and your partner decide. Additionally, you may let each groomsman select their color for a subtle splash of personalization.

Always Have a Pocket Square

You should always have a pocket square when you wear a suit, as it adds a layer of formality to your outfit. Your pocket square can be the same color as your tie or a similar shade to make the attire more eye-catching. Some grooms also wear a pocket square with designs or patterns printed on it to add more personality to their outfits.

Add Cufflinks

Top off your look with some cufflinks to wear on the end of your dress shirt. While you can purchase a generic option, some men buy personalized cufflinks. Monogrammed or specific-colored cufflinks make for a perfect thank-you gift to present to your groomsmen since it’s an accessory they can wear to any black-tie event after your wedding.

Shop for Quality Suits and Accessories

Grooms Club sells wedding tuxedos perfect for the groom and groomsmen, plus the wedding accessories you need, such as shoes, bowties, neckties, and pocket squares. Use our online Customizer to mix and match countless styles until you find the look you like most, then send the link to your groomsmen. With the right accessories, you’ll look perfect on your wedding day!