4 Helpful Ways To Prepare for Your Wedding Photos

9 months ago
4 Helpful Ways To Prepare for Your Wedding Photos

Your wedding day is one of the most special moments, and your photos give you something to look back on to cherish the celebration. Preparing for your wedding photos to ensure you capture every stunning moment on your big day is important. Below, we list four helpful ways to prepare for your wedding photos.

Do a Trial Run

Many couples do a trial run with their photographer to ensure quality photos on the big day. Usually, engagement photos are a great option because the photoshoots are shorter and less daunting. Additionally, taking photos at your venue will give you a better idea of lighting and what kind of shots you want for your wedding day. Best of all, you can send your photos as save-the-date invitations if you end up loving them!

Pro Tip

Consider searching for a new photographer for your wedding if you don’t like your engagement photos. After finding a new professional, go through another trial run to ensure they’re the right pick.

Plan Different Shots

After selecting your ideal photographer for the wedding, collaborate with them to create a shot list. Some popular shots include:

  • Getting ready
  • The wedding party 
  • The bride’s debut
  • Your vow exchange
  • Each of your families
  • The first dance
  • The cake-cutting

Deciding on the types of shots you want helps you prepare for your wedding photos because it creates a plan for the big day. You will need time to take photos with your groomsmen—as is customary—if desired.

Work with your photographer to create a shot list to ensure they capture key moments.

Look Your Best

Your wedding photos are something you will cherish for a lifetime, and you want to look your best. So, ensure your suit fits perfectly and that you have ironed out all the wrinkles. You should also do your hair and skincare routine beforehand to feel confident.

Consider appointing a friend to give you a once-over to ensure you’re camera-ready! Photos last a lifetime, and you’ll want to look nothing short of perfect on your big day. 

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Don’t Just Pose

Remember to ask your photographer to take candid shots throughout the wedding day. Unlike posed photos, candid pictures capture the guests in the moment; you can see the love and joy in their expressions. Verify that your photographer knows to do this before the big day so you can look back on your wedding album with fond memories.

Your wedding day is an important milestone that deserves to be captured beautifully in photographs. These photos will portray the essence of the big day, and you will cherish them for a lifetime.