4 Common Myths About Buying a Tux for Your Wedding

11 months ago
4 Common Myths About Buying a Tux for Your Wedding

As your wedding day approaches, you must select a suit that makes you look your best. Unlike the ladies, the gentlemen often rent their apparel under the assumption it saves money. The price of buying versus renting is just one of the many misconceptions about purchasing a suit. In this groom’s guide, get into detail on common myths about buying a tux for your wedding. 

It Should Be Traditional

Weddings are one of the most formal parties we host, and every couple wants to look their best for the celebration. Some men assume this means wearing a traditional tux with a deep V-cut at the front of a satin-lined jacket. While you can wear the typical tuxedo, modern grooms often wear a suit; it’s formal but appears more relaxed than a tux.

It Should Follow the Trends

Ditching traditional tuxedo styles doesn’t mean you have to follow every modern trend either. Specific fabrics or colors may be more popular depending on the season. In winter and fall, tweed is a popular option, but the material also has a textured look that doesn’t appeal to everyone.

You should always look and feel your best at your wedding, so don’t get too hung up on what looks are most prevalent. When you go suit shopping, retailers will have stylish options that don’t appear too trendy.

It’s Too Expensive

The price of your wedding apparel will vary depending on what you wear and where you buy it. Some companies charge hundreds of dollars for a suit before you add the button-down shirt, shoes, and essential accessories. But this isn’t the case for Grooms Club—our wedding tuxedos start at $199.99 and feel amazing.

Most rental suits also cost several hundred dollars but don’t allow for specific customizations. Likewise, you’ll have to return it shortly after the wedding, leaving you and the groomsmen with nothing to show for that money.

A Bonus

When you rent your suit, it’s harder to let loose on the big day since any damage to it results in additional fees. When you know the suit is yours, you’ll move more freely.

You’ll Only Wear It Once

One of the most common myths about buying a tux for your wedding is that after the wedding, the suit will spend the rest of its days in your closet. Although many claim they’ll never wear the suit again, that isn’t necessarily true. If you attend a formal event for work, you’ll need to look your best. The same applies to attending awards ceremonies, job interviews, romantic dinners, or someone else’s wedding.

Shop at Grooms Club

Grooms Club sells a variety of suits perfect for every gentleman. We use four-way stretch fabric to add flexibility to these garments, so you never feel constricted in one of our tuxes. Browse our collection today or check out our suit customizer to create your perfect look. Buy a wedding suit that you feel and look great in.