3 Rustic Color Combinations for a Country Wedding

8 months ago
3 Rustic Color Combinations for a Country Wedding

You’ll need to evaluate venues, interview vendors, decide on apparel for the wedding party, and pick out décor when you start planning your wedding. Color plays a major role in wedding planning and influences how a space looks. You’ll want to use shades that properly accent your venue if, for example, you’re planning a barn wedding. We’ve created this guide of rustic color combinations for country weddings to narrow your scope as you select the best shades.

Navy and Dusty Rose

Navy and dusty rose is a beautiful pairing for any country-esque venue. Plus, navy suits are classic and look great on everyone! A shade like dusty rose accents the navy and easily captures the eye. This visual appeal is especially important when selecting the wedding party’s apparel. Moreover, these shades look amazing in summer, fall, or even late winter!

Burgundy, Blush, and Sage

It’s hard to top a beautiful color trio like burgundy, blush, and sage. Intermixing lighter hues, such as blush, alongside dark tones of burgundy also creates aesthetic contrast and keeps your venue looking bright and cheery. 

Additionally, rustic color combinations for country weddings like blush and sage are popular in spring, while burgundy is popular in winter. Using all three shades in your wedding color palette gives you beautiful options for your spring or winter event!

Marigold and Blue

Using several brightly colored decorations captures a lively atmosphere while darker tints create a classic look. Marigold is a cheery shade of yellow that darker shades of blue will accent perfectly. This color pairing looks especially beautiful in rustic weddings between early summer and late fall.

Consider in-season flowers that are bright yellow or accenting shades to bring these colors into the space. You can also incorporate your colors into the wedding party’s apparel. Your bridesmaids can wear marigold dresses, while the groomsmen wear blue suits and marigold ties.

Tips for Picking Your Colors

Countless color combinations exist; picking the best one for your wedding depends on your preferences and the season. Evaluate classic colors and seasonal options based on your wedding date. Then, decide which of those choices you like the most. You can evaluate how specific pairings look by assessing them on a color wheel.

Once you’ve decided on your color palette, you’ll need to pick out your wedding party’s outfits. At Grooms Club, you can use our tuxedo designer online to customize the suit you and your groomsmen will wear. Evaluate different suit colors, button-up shirts, ties, and other accessories. Buy the best quality suit to wear for your big day!